Annual Giving is the Cornerstone of our Strength

Invest yourself in the bright future of St. Saviour’s Church! In thanksgiving for God’s abundance, we invite you to pledge your support for our parish’s many impactful ministries in 2020.

Your Pledge

  • Goes to programs and ministries, building operations and maintenance, personnel, and outreach beyond our walls.
  • Enables worship, learning, and service to others, for all ages.
  • Reflects and encourages our community’s growth in faith together.

Why Pledge?

  • A pledge is an act of faith and a sacrifice that demonstrates our commitment to God’s work. We pledge for the year to come, even before we receive and spend on ourselves. Therefore a pledge is a sign of hope and faith that God will provide for us in the future.
  • The practice of pledging is to be part of something larger than myself: the spread of God’s kingdom on earth.
  • Receiving pledges allows the finance committee and vestry to anticipate and budget for the coming year.
  • Pledges of every size are important, from every person or family.

How Much to Pledge?

The Bible speaks of giving in proportion to what we have received. The biblical standard for that giving is a tithe, or 10% of one’s annual income. If that standard seems out of reach this year, we hope that you will consider how, as with any strategic goal, you can set yourself on a course of proportionate giving to reach that end. The Church is unique in that we trust one another to voluntarily provide what we need. The annual appeal challenges us to think seriously and pledge generously. The amount of your pledge is up to you, but choose faithfully and wisely, then give with confidence and joy.

Fulfilling Your Pledge

Once you’ve made your pledge, we offer several options for submitting your contribution.

  1. You may bring cash or a check to a worship service and place it in the offertory plate (please make use of the pledge envelopes in the pews).
  2. You may mail your check to St. Saviour’s Church, 350 Sound Beach Ave, Old Greenwich, CT 06870.
  3. You may submit payments electronically via our secure site, where you may make single payments to either fulfill payment of your entire pledge, partial payments against your pledge, or sign up for automatically recurring payments.

Thank you for your ongoing generous support of St. Saviour’s Church!

Make a Payment

Matching Gifts

A simple way to increase your support of St. Saviour’s Church and our far-reaching programs is through your employer’s matching gift program. Many companies will match their employees’ charitable contributions, significantly increasing the impact of their donations. Some companies will match contributions of retirees, spouses, and board members. Please check with your human resources department to learn about your company’s matching gift program. You may also reach Jordan Silva, Treasurer if you have questions about making matching gifts to our parish.

Gifts of Stock

Please consider a donation of appreciated securities or mutual funds held longer than one year. You will receive a tax deduction without paying capital gains tax. Please email Jordan Silva, Treasurer, who can assist you in making this transfer.